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THE SOLUTION (Option #2)

Incentivizing Node Operators

To combat this problem, we need to incentivize stakers to operate their own nodes (either by solo staking or by becoming a node operator RocketPool). Either action contributes to keeping Ethereum decentralized, which is absolutely critical to the long-term success of Ethereum.

This is what inspired the ‘NFT for Node Operators’ project.

Network Watcher

My NFT proposal to reward solo stakers is an iris watching over the network. Each eye is different in color pattern and the growth of the network is symbolized by the Metcalfe’s law.

I'm something of a Home staker myself. So I follow the ecosystem carefully and am concerned by the risk of centralization. This NFT could serve as a symbol for stakers and the complexity of the iris shows how much in the staker helps decentralization.

Artist: XoFee

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The first 10K Node-Operator-NFTs show a beautifully colored, abstract pattern. On it, a white circle with the word “NO” is shown where the abstract lines meet. This is short for “Node Operator” (= staker) but is not obvious as such at first sight. This is meant to intrigue the audience and lead them to questions like “Why are they saying NO?” or “What do they object to?”. Well, maybe we are objecting to centralization? But that does not need to be spelled out in the image - it will get clearer over time or on the viewer’s further investigation of the stakers profile or posts.

Artist: Oooly

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The Pandiens

(panda + sapiens)

Why “Pandiens” ?

My idea is a human is wearing a panda head. I were inspired by a super cool meme about The Merge.

I used colors of Ethereum’s logos for the eyes and the ears of Pandiens. The eyes are always looking up, because we are all want to have a better future.

Artist: Jack Nguyen

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I propose NFT with the panda wich is evident in view of his role since the merge.

On one hand, I want to suggest something cute and happy with these Pand’happies characters wearing fun accessories. On the other hand, I also want something « green » in order to make reference to the ecological effect created by the
Merge. That’s why I chose some natural backgrounds and frames (bamboo).

The fact that the pandas can be placed in many different positions symbolises the extent of Ethereum around the world.

Artist: El painting

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The creature is called 'Blockie'. It is a creature living on the blockchain, with the ETH as the soul that gives life to the creature.

Artist: Igor Scek

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Congratulations, XoFee!!

The polls are closed and we have a winner!

Huge shoutout to all the artists who participated- so many amazing submissions!

Looking forward to working with Xofee to generate nearly 13,000 unique Network Watchers for stakers helping to secure the Ethereum network.

Artist: XoFee

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